An accomplished printmaker, Jeanne O’Toole Hayman’s latest work represents an exciting departure.  Working directly from the figure, she creates a multiplicity of images from a single plate.  The same, yet powerfully different, each print probes the emotional impact of the human form in its own unique way.  In some, she has layered multiple impressions of a single image.   In others, she has combined separate images to create an abstract and diffuse impression, yet one that is dynamic and  unmistakably human. click any of the images below to view. 

O’Toole Hayman is a member and past president of Peregrine Press, an artist-run printmaking studio in Portland, Maine.

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Water / Form / Stone


Water/Form/Stone, a new solo show, opens First Friday (September 4th) at Portland’s
popular 3Fish Gallery.

‘Water/Form/Stone’ represents an evolution from the literal depiction of reality toward the abstract, that looks more deeply into the essence of things — including stone, water, architecture and the human figure.

My imagery is largely drawn from the natural world. In all instances, I layer my paint in an effort to capture the eternal birth, aggregation and decay of natural and human elements over time. What we see has existed forever but is always changing, always evolving. I try to capture the ongoing process of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. Whether the idea is the wearing away of rocky coasts by the endless movement of the sea or the ancient fertility figures that symbolize the birth and evolution of mankind, the idea remains constant.

I find the way to the idea through the process of painting itself. The energy of brush strokes and palette knife, inform and reform the marks.

Hope you can join us at the opening reception!

Reception: Friday, Sept 4th, from 5pm – 8pm
Exhibit Dates: Sept 4th – 26th, 2015

3 Fish Gallery
377 Cumberland Ave, Portland, ME
Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 1pm – 4pm
Or by appointment – (207) 773-4773,


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